In 2019, brands will spend US$316 billion in digital advertising.

The U Rock Challenge™ is a global movement of university students and alumni to get brands to make their ads socially responsible so their ad spending funds social change.

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Nearly 2,000 college and university teams from 10 countries spearhead our movement to mobilize 200 students and alumni per university or more.

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About the U Rock Challenge™

WhatRocks Foundation™ is organizing the U Rock Challenge™ to get brands to make their ads socially responsible so you get the money to fund social change.


Social and environmental needs have never been as diverse, as acute, and as global.

As public funding is withdrawing or missing, non-profits increasingly struggle to make ends meet.

There's an urgent need for an innovative and self-sustaining solution to generate more donations.

WhatRocks™ is the first social impact label that assures that brands reward you financially with blockchain tokens called Rocks™ when you are exposed to ads across websites and mobile apps.

Redeem your Rocks™ directly from your WhatRocks™ wallet to make donations to your social or environmental organizations of choice.

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We are mobilizing in the U Rock Challenge™ to get brands to add the WhatRocks™ label to their ads as a public commitment to leverage their ad spending to fund social change.

The bigger the movement will grow, the more money brands will give you to make donations !

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There's no better storytelling for your brand than sharing its financial power with consumers to make a positive impact on society. By supporting the U Rock Challenge™, your brand makes a public commitment to contribute to the funding of social change and shows respect, empathy and support to socially-conscious consumers.

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Youth outreach and engagement is critical to develop and scale the impact of your social or environmental organization. By supporting the U Rock Challenge™, your organization shows its commitment to embrace the tools and solutions that the youth pushes forward to fund the social and environmental change they want to see.

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